Reviews from previouse patients

Coming to Minnesota at first was hard. But I was welcomed to the family of Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics with open arms. Willing to support me and guide me as I travelled the road to recovery. There were ups and downs, as in life, there always will be. But if you realise what you put in is what you get out, you soon realise that you are on the right track

I decided to use the tools that Minnesota House gave me and started to apply them to my daily living. The most important step personally, is to hand over my life to my Higher Power, which is God as I have come to understand him. I have made use of my time at Minnesota House and the journey was and still is rewarding

My Just 4 today: Let Life be your Drug, and God be your dealer. A Sober life is a Blessing. If I can do it, so can you.

Johan, Pretoria, South Africa

6 weeks ago I drove by myself up to the gates of Minnesota.  I was so scared because I was finally going to admit to some-one that I had a problem.  After years of struggling with the addiction of alcohol and nearly losing my child, my partner, family and my sanity, I knew I was doing the right thing.

The journey had it bumps, its highs and its lows, but really working the program I have come out on top.  It’s a place of safety, humility and understanding.  I have been so fortunate to have gone through my first steps to sobriety and recovery with the help of the staff and professionals here, I have gained not only on knowledge on addiction but my self-worth.  This program works, if you work it and with allowing your Higher Power back into your life, you can only be a success.

Elvina, Garden Route, South Africa

I admitted that I was powerless over my addiction, and that my life had become unmanageable. I have to be mindful of my disease, I can never drink again. I acted insane for years, did the same wrongs but expected different results. I will have to remind myself every day I wake up that I am an alcoholic in recovery and that God will be my strength when I feel weak. The past will not play a part in my future. I am reborn and are looking forward to my new life. I am extremely positive, excited, happy and energised. I will take with me the whole experience and how my life has been touched by everybody at Minnesota House. It is truly a place of calmness, serenity, love and support.

Ryno, USA

I can honestly and open heartedly advice anyone who suffer from addiction to come to Minnesota House. From my shocking deadly experiences, I had no confidence left, I was hopeless, useless and drained in self-pity. The staff at Minnesota House gave me a whole new perspective and a bright outlook to a beautiful life, and I could just be myself. It worked for me, so, I believe it will work for anybody.

Mercy, Eastern Cape, South Africa

I would choose no other place to go to treat my drug addiction. Minnesota House provides the knowledge, coping skills, and foundation necessary to live a life free of addiction. Every single member of the staff is so caring, and seriously invested in each of the clients well-being; they truly care about the success of the clients after leaving treatment. I feel like a member of a big family. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking into getting help for addiction or alcoholism. Although the recovery process is taken seriously, they have the ability to show how fun sobriety is. I can’t stress enough how much it has helped me and how much it means to me. They have given me hope for a better future, and provided with me with a better tomorrow.

Alex, South Africa

I am currently in my 50th day of a life changing experience here at Minnesota House. The amazing people that have touched my life are now part of the fabric of my recovery. Recovery permeates the beautiful surroundings and emanates from the sober staff. But it is the life-long sober friendships that I really treasure. My therapist is in recovery and offers a unique perspective to my recovery issues. I came here hoping and I leave here with hope.

J, South Africa

My friend went for treatment in 2003 to MH and stayed sober until her death from cancer. Finally, when I was on my knees, I turned to MH to save my life. It’s been the best choice of my life.

Chrisna, Mossel Bay

In 2014 I was admitted for long term treatment at Minnesota House after a serious failed suicide and a sever chemical dependency. I arrived broken and spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. I was not an easy patient, but in time Marcel became my mentor and a source of great strength, healing and learning. I found peace and serenity there as well as the courage to work through years of pain, neglect, abandonment and abuse. I will never forget the hours and hours I spent at the chicken coop, just learning to feel again, and letting sadness wash over and through me in a seemingly endless stream of tears. One of the greatest gifts I received in my recovery was regaining my ability to feel emotions, something I had denied all my life, before I ever picked up drugs, and which I tried very hard to numb with drugs. Feeling emotions was a scary process but did not have to do it alone. This was one of another gifts I received at Minnesota House, I learned that I need never stand-alone again unless I chose to.

The tools that Minnesota House have given me, have been indispensable in me becoming a responsible and productive member of society again. I now embrace each day and have found the courage to face the consequences of my using and my suicide attempts. Life on life’s terms is not always the easiest journey, but what I know for sure is that I have survived 100% of the worst days of my life. Thank you Minnesota House and Marcel and the entire team for beginning the healing when I thought all hope was lost and for equipping me for a beautiful life filled with vision and possibility. I have just celebrated 18 months clean, which I regard as a true miracle because there was a time in my active addiction that 18 hours clean seemed like an impossible concept.

T, Johannesburg, South Africa